End of Summer Watercolor Series

Block Party    Sand and Beach Glass

Ahh… fall.  I mean, fall!!  Fresh haircuts and sharp outfits for the first day of school, crisp autumn breezes dancing through the colorful trees, homemade peach pies, bushels of apples, pumpkins popping up in the stores…. makes me wanna pull on my boots and wrap a scarf around my neck. Mmm.  Seriously, who doesn’t love this time of year?

End of Summer Series 2015

To celebrate, and welcome all things autumn with open, long-sleeve covered arms, I thought I’d set out a few more paintings in the shop.  This series of six small watercolors was inspired by this late end-of-summer, early fall time of year.  One last block party, one last dinner on the patio, one last jaunt out to the beach to squeeze out every memory-making moment of the summer, and then the excitement of school, of ROUTINES (you know darn well why that’s all in caps you fellow baby mommas), of football games, harvest and holidays. It’s my favorite time of year, and I always love to get my house back in order, to reclaim my space from the chaos summer adventures, and ready it for friendly gatherings and family time at home.

Last Warm Afternoon on the Lake First Fall Sunrise

I remember being in a very nice house when I was a teenager, and hearing that the mom had just switched out her artwork for the season, and I thought it was a little crazy and perhaps too extravagant.  I mean, if you have beautiful artwork, wouldn’t you want to always have it hanging?  But, now that I have a home myself (albeit not nearly as fancy as the afore mentioned abode), I will say that I like to switch out a few things here and there to correspond with the season. For fall that sometimes means a more cozy decorative pillow, or a heavier throw draped over the edge of the couch, and for my kitchen table centerpiece, replacing the summery limes with some small gourds. Pretty soon the potted plants on the doorstep will bow out too, and pumpkins and mums will take their place.

Back to School     Ladies' Night Out

I could see doing the same with some of my smaller pieces of art, swapping out a springy landscape for one with a more autumn-al color scheme.  Or, just swapping out something in your bookcase décor so your eyes can appreciate something new.  That’s one reason I love doing these smaller paintings.  Whether their home ends up being a shelf, or in a wall collage, permanent or seasonal, there is always a place for them.

Maybe you do this to?  However you welcome it in, here’s to celebrating the season.

Happy fall.