Beginning my abstract work was a hold-your-breath-and-close-your-eyes leap out of my comfort zone. Giving up control and the ‘absolute’ of a relatable subject matter is not easy for a perfectionist. But, instead of toiling over a small painting, and beating it into the ground until it is perfect, the abstracts have been very freeing and therapeutic—allowing me to let go of a concrete subject matter and focus on using the colors and layers of texture to capture the the mood, nostalgia, and overall aesthetic appeal of the scene at hand.  So, while they still have a reference to nature (some are more literal than others) with a horizon line, layers of texture, and organic movement in the paint, they are more interactive for the viewer—allowing them feel and interpret for themselves—possibly being reminded of when they experienced those same scenes, or something entirely all their own, and I’m liking that. 


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