website portrait full cAs a stay-at-home mother of three, I have plenty that fills my time—which is a blessing—but when I need to recharge, painting is what makes me feel like me. After college, when I didn’t have my regular art classes to count on for a creative outlet, and instead had little fingers, busy toes and diapered bums that needed my attention, I got my artsy fix through DIY home décor projects and furniture refinishing with the goal to turn our house into a home that I loved and that reflected my style. Now, as my family is getting older, and I am seeing little glimmers of free time pop up, I’ve decided to grab hold of that someday I’ll paint again daydream and make it happen now. Sometimes that means watercolors are spread across the kitchen counter drying, there’s a container of turpentine next to the pile of school papers awaiting my attention, and we might have to move a canvas or two to eat family dinner together, but I’m learning there is always a way to make time for what you know you were meant to do.



I have always been drawn to landscapes. Their sense of place, restful horizontal lines, layers of texture, and blending of subtle, harmonious blocks of color are mesmerizing to me. Somehow nature’s beautifully diverse color palette never disappoints. When I think of where I grew up, I picture straw-yellow pastures with deep purple scrub oak and mauve-y mountains. Now, as I look out my windows here in the Great Northwest, I don’t see the purple mountains, but layers of blue, green and gray. The hills in the distance are like torn strips of teal paper fading into the smoky sky. When I travel, I love looking for the color mixtures of the new landscape—as they are the backdrop to what makes one place feel different from the next. I think this is why my paintings—whether they are realistic depictions or abstract representations—have naturally evolved to focusing more and more on reimagining the landscape.


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