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Alrighty friends, this has been in the works for a while and I gotta tell you I am SO excited about this… starting in January, I will be offering once a week group art lessons for kids!  Right now, I’m aiming for a group of 2nd-6th graders, but as we get going, I may add a pre-school group as well.

The format will be a once a week class where the kids will be exposed to various studio methods and materials, with a dabble (totally legit art word) of Art History, Aesthetics, Art Criticism, and Visual Culture.  I’ll store their work here, so that we can work on it week to week, and then we’ll have an art show just before the end of the school year to showcase all of their fantastic creations.

Class will be held on Wednesdays, from 3:30-4:30pm.  This is the best slot I’ve found, with it being an early-out day for most kids, but if you are very interested and can’t make that timeslot, let me know and I’ll consider a change if enough people need it.

The session would run from January 6th – April 27th, with the art show hopefully that first weekend in May (we’ll grab a date that works for all/most families involved).

Cost is $45 per month, per child, which includes all materials. Staying through the whole session is preferable, but if a scheduling conflict comes up and you need to drop the class, I understand. (Some art is better than no art at all, right?!)

Okey doke– spots are limited, so let me know asap if your child is interested!  HERE’S TO A CREATIVE NEW YEAR!




One thought on “GETTIN’ CREATIVE IN 2016!

  1. I would be totally interested, but maybe another time. I’m trying not to schedule too much with this new baby. Once he’s on a schedule I would totally be interested in this.


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