Azaleas in Spring


Azaleas in Spring

The other day I had one of those going-through-the-motions-driving-my-kids-to-their-activities-but-my-mind-was-on-other-things sort of day, and amidst my zombie-of-a mother mode, I saw these bold beauties as I was dropping my son off at Cub Scouts and they snapped me back to real life for a moment that I had to stop and take a picture.


I mean, –yowza– look at that color!  Azaleas in the Northwest are truly a sight to behold, and a welcome zing of color as we are coming out of our dull, gray winter months.  March usually brings our delicate–and quite beloved–cherry blossoms that get us excited about spring (hmm, there may need to be a cherry blossom painting in the future), but the first show of color are these babies right here.

Seeing them reminded me of this painting I did last spring–when I really had their vibrant yet dreamy pinks on my mind.  Paired with a deep olive green and a buttercream lemony yellow, it was such a fun painting to do to celebrate the season and get my spring on.

There ended up being a little romance thrown in there too, with the swooping swells of soft color. I guess that’s inevitable this time of year [insert Bambi twitterpated scene].

Azaleas cropped detailAzaleas in Spring | oil on canvas | 24


So, to sum up and channel my inner Jimmy Fallon, I’d have to say Thank You, Azaleas, for slapping this dazed mother upside the head that one time at scouts. Keep those beautiful blooms coming!


2 thoughts on “Azaleas in Spring

  1. I love the azaleas this time of year too. We have a small white one right outside of our sliding glass door it’s so nice to see all the blooms on it.


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